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Consumer Fraud



We help persons who have been injured and/or victims of fraud seeking compensation for their injuries and to recover economic damages. We represent individuals and businesses. We do not charge clients for consultations. We do not charge legal fees unless we are successful in recovering compensation for our clients.

There are a number of situations covered under the area of law known as Consumer Fraud. The inherent nature of fraud is secrecy. Often consumers are not immediately aware they are victims of fraudulent conduct by a company. In today’s climate of sophisticated and extensive electronic data, Aughtman Law Firm, LLC works to uncover the corporate fraud perpetrated by many industries on its consumer victims.

The most common industries who perpetrate the fraud are banking and finance, insurance, securities and investments and mortgage lending. Additionally, consumer protection issues include cases that address economic losses often related to security breaches like data breaches, or defective products. These are often handled in class action litigation, which involves joining a large number of people together in consolidated litigation against a company or other entity whose actions resulted in financial harm to the consumer.

An issue that often affects consumer protection cases is arbitration. Almost every type of contract entered into by consumers now include mandatory arbitration agreements. These clauses are usually buried in the fine print of customer contracts and other agreements customers must accept before receiving products and services. The clauses force consumers to forfeit their right to seek a legal remedy through a court, forcing them to take their complaints to a private arbitrator of the company’s choice. This arrangement tips legal disputes in the company’s favor, and consumers are left without a means of appealing a decision.

Whether clients have an individual claim, a class claim or a potential arbitration claim, Aughtman Law Firm, LLC is experienced in bringing all of the above to seek justice for our clients.