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Our Fees



We help persons who have been injured and/or victims of fraud seeking compensation for their injuries and to recover economic damages. We represent individuals and businesses. We do not charge clients for consultations. We do not charge legal fees unless we are successful in recovering compensation for our clients.

We do not charge attorney fees for an initial consultation. When you contact our firm with a claim or case that is in our practice area, we will discuss the matter with you over the phone, and we may schedule an in-office appointment with you or visit you at home if you are unable to travel to our office. It may take one or several meetings to determine if we can help you and take your case. These initial meetings may involve us requesting documents and records concerning your case or conducting other means of investigation. You will not be charged any attorney fees during this initial investigation process.

If we decide to take your case, you should not be concerned about the costs of paying a lawyer. We understand that if you have been injured, or have had an insurance claim denied, you are not likely in a position to afford paying an attorney out of pocket. If you and our firm decide on representation, we will enter into a Contingency Fee Representation Agreement. This means that our attorney fees will be a percentage of what we recover for you by either a settlement or verdict, and are contingent on a recovery. If we recover nothing for you, you pay no attorney fees.

The contingency fee arrangement is beneficial for clients who have suffered personal injuries or work injuries, been left with a disability, or had an insurance claim denied. It prevents hardship on the client in coming up with money up front to pay an attorney. Big corporations and insurance companies have deep pockets with money to pay attorneys to deny and fight your claim. The contingency fee arrangement is the only way that many clients can afford an attorney or fight for their rights against a large business, corporation, or insurance company. Without attorneys willing to take cases in this manner, many clients would be left with nothing.

If we take your case on a contingency fee, we believe in you and your case. We will work hard together to win a recovery for you. In the unfortunate situation that an unjust result occurs and you cannot recover, you will not have to pay any attorney fees for our work. At our firm, we will be honest with you and fight for you so that the best results are achieved.

To schedule a free consultation with us, e-mail us or call us at 334.215.9873.