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About Aughtman Law

Aughtman Law Firm, LLC, is a full service law firm in Montgomery, Alabama with a diverse client base. We serve individuals and businesses in all cities and counties of Alabama. Our practice extends to other states as well as state and federal courts.

Our primary focus is the representation of persons who have been defrauded, injured or harmed by others. Many of our clients have been the victim of financial fraud, wrongful insurance claims, motor vehicle accidents and injuries from defective products. We are experienced trial lawyers and focus on protecting your rights in the pursuit of fair compensation on your behalf. We thoroughly prepare cases for trial and/or mediation. Many times our clients’ claims are resolved prior to trial by settlement. Jay Aughtman has tried dozens of cases in his 22 years practicing law and successfully mediated hundreds more.

We accept cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you will not pay any attorneys’ fees unless we recover a settlement, or verdict, in your favor. Aughtman Law prefers to only be compensated if we successfully resolve your case. If you hire our firm for representation, you will have one-on-one contact with Jay Aughtman who will personally handle your case. Your case will be a priority to the firm and you will receive personal attention.

If you have questions or concerns about any legal issue affecting you or your family, please contact Aughtman Law Firm today. We offer free initial consultations at a time convenient to you.

For assistance, please call 334.215.9873.


Practice Areas

consumer class action

A class action is a lawsuit brought by individuals or entities on behalf of a larger group who have been injured or damaged by similar products, fraud or unlawful conduct.  By allowing class members to bring one collective lawsuit, a class action makes it efficient and economical to sue a large company who has committed a systematic wrong. A class action allows members to stand stronger together, whether they are a few or a few thousand.



Have you been denied an insurance claim after suffering a personal injury, damage to your property, damage to your home or even the death of a loved one? Aughtman Law Firm represents individuals and small businesses who have been affected by these issues. Our goal is to ensure that our clients' insurance carriers honor their contracts and pay all valid claims.

personal injury

Have you or a loved one sustained a personal injury as the result of an auto, trucking or motorcycle accident, workplace accident, accident on another person's property or as the result of the negligence of another person or company? 

The Aughtman Law Firm, LLC represents individuals throughout the state of Alabama who have suffered personal injury, or death, due to the negligence of others. 


Attorney Jay Aughtman is an experienced with attorney with years of experience successfully representing individual plaintiffs against some of the largest corporate interests in America. Simply put, when you have justice on your side, it doesn't matter how many lawyers the other side brings into the courtroom. Jay never forgets that your rights are equally important.

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