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Class Actions



We help persons who have been injured and/or victims of fraud seeking compensation for their injuries and to recover economic damages. We represent individuals and businesses. We do not charge clients for consultations. We do not charge legal fees unless we are successful in recovering compensation for our clients.

A class action is a lawsuit brought by individuals or entities on behalf of a larger group who have been injured or damaged by similar products, fraud or unlawful conduct.  By allowing class members to bring one collective lawsuit, a class action makes it efficient and economical to sue a large company who has committed a systematic wrong. A class action allows members to stand stronger together, whether they are a few or a few thousand.

Aughtman Law Firm, LLC specializes in representing plaintiffs in class actions in many fields, including: insurance products, mortgage loans, bank fraud, defective vehicles, cyber security breach, other consumer products and environmental injuries.  We represent classes of individuals and businesses in state and federal courts across the country. We have an extensive network of firms we work with diligently to bring these actions on behalf of our clients and the classes they represent.